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STANDARD FORM OF COOPERATIVE APARTMENT SUBLEASE ... Lease, the Rules and Regulations and the By Laws of the Apartment ... at. , New York.
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Hi welcome back to finally revealed in this episode I want to talk about subleases it applies to any type of Elise but in general here or specifically here I want to refer to apartment leases for folks who are in college or who have taken a temporary job somewhere the reason this is coming up it's time for everybody to go back to school and oftentimes college kids will at some point in their career enter into a lease for an apartment or a house isn't that a sublease comes up at all is because the landlords are getting more and more savvy about making the leases longer a lot of times and from people that I've helped out the lease is now for a 12-month period for a full year so even though the school term might only be 8 or 9 months the landlord wants to lock you in because they don't want to have to worry about releasing the property for a short period of time over a break for example this summer break they don't want to go to the expense of advertising and cleaning it up and getting someone else in there, so they're asking you or requiring if you want this property you're going to sign a 12-month lease so naturally if you are living in a different place than your family is, and you plan to go home for the summer you're going to want to make arrangements to recoup the money and not pay for something that you're not using if it's a situation where you're an upperclassman, and now you're working on summer internships you don't want to be bogged down by a lease payment when you're not even going to be there and maybe your roommates aren't going to be there either, so you want to arrange for someone to sublease it during the time that you're gone the first thing you need to do is make sure there is permission and I have another video on getting this permission at the time that you sign the lease so if you're at that stage go back and watch that one and then come back and see us here you want to make sure that the least has permission for you to sublease it if it's already built in and the terms of a sublease and how you're going to get permission by the and Lord and everything else is going to be set out if there's nothing set out in the lease specifically then you're going to need to ask if you can sublease the property and if there are any additional requirements you don't want to just turn it over to someone and not do it with the proper protocol with the landlord because if you're caught you could be considered to have abandoned the property, and they can call the whole thing off and call you in breach because you've turned over their property to someone without their permission so get the permission in the lease if you are it's not already in the lease at the beginning go to the landlord and document that by a writing that both of you sign that you have the permission to sublease it for every summer if it's a multi-year lease or for this particular summer if it's just one year the next thing is the rent how are you going to charge are you going...
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